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Award-winning cryptographic solutions since 2012.

Cloak your files, so that you can safely store them on the cloud or share them via Gmail or Dropbox. Only your authorised recipients will be able to uncloak the files.


Secure file encryption for all

Cloak provides easy-to-use file encryption solutions, allowing you to share files securely without the use of passwords.

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Solutions at competitive prices

Security solutions customized for the needs of your company. Make file sharing within your team easy and compliant to data regulations.

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Bringing true enterprise-grade security to cloud

Our solutions allow for sharing of confidential documents over public cloud infrastructure. We target cross-location projects requiring the compliant and auditable exchange of sensitive information.


Cloak your files to safely store on cloud or share via Gmail or Dropbox. Authorise recipients who can uncloak your files without the need to send file passwords.

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Next generation data room with enterprise-grade security. Use Vault to sign PDF documents, share read-only access to confidential files, and track usage history.

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IT Services

We provide security services customized for the needs of your organizations, and have experience in various sectors from healthcare to finance to government.

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Past Projects

Konica Minolta

Cloak helped build the initial release of Woundaide, Wound Management Solution. Using Cloak’s data security library, Konica’s Woundaide team focused more time on understanding medical use cases and requirements, instead of cryptographic features to ensure HIPAA compliance.

NioBio Lab

Smart Diaper. Cloak worked with NioBio Lab (A*STAR) to build an elderly diaper wetness detection system, based on web and IoT technologies. The solution was successfully trialed in Singapore hospitals and featured in media reports.

BioInformatics Institutes

Machine Learning requires lots of data and most organizations are unwilling to share sensitive data to 3rd party researchers without additional data protection. Cloak worked with BioInformatics Institutes funded by the Singapore CyberSecurity Consortium grant to develop a secure machine learning platform, where data remains secured within the data owner’s network.

ASEAN Gov with GlobalSign

Cloak partnered with GlobalSign to develop and license a batch PDF signing solution for an ASEAN government agency. The GlobalSign DSS signed pdf files are Adobe AATL compliant.

Cloak (patented) is an award winning software, verified by third-party testers, and trusted by IT security professionals from MNCs, Governments and SMBs. More than 40k professionals (and growing each day) have downloaded Cloak to protect their most private and sensitive work information.

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Trusted across USA, South Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.



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